CORSnet-NSW used to benchmark new positioning technology CORSnet-NSW used to benchmark new positioning technology

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CORSnet-NSW used to benchmark new positioning technology

Do you have trouble getting a GPS fix due to trees, buildings or even radio interference? What about your car’s sat-nav system or your mobile phone? They work perfectly fine until you go into a tunnel or the city centre where you are surrounded by sky scrapers that obstruct your sky view.

LPI was recently involved in the Sydney Satellites project to investigate an alternative positioning technology, Locata, which is intended to compliment GPS (or even replace it in the most difficult environments).

The test took place at Farm Cove, in Sydney Harbour and compared RTK GPS to Locata on a Sydney Ports Corporation survey vessel moving around the Cove.

A temporary Locata network of eight LocataLites was deployed for the test with five sites situated along the shore of the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the other three on the Sydney Opera House forecourt, the south-east pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Kurraba Point on the north side of Sydney Harbour. Fort Denison CORS was used to determine the location of all of these sites.

The preliminary results were impressive, with RTK GPS and Locata agreeing to within 4.4cm (2D at 95%) for the first three loops analysed.

With Locata now being used at the Newmont's Boddington Gold Mine in Western Australia and by the US Airforce, there is much potential for its use in other positioning applications. LPI aims to be involved in future opportunities to both test and evaluate this technology. We’ll keep you posted.

Doug Kinlyside and Adrian White
LPI’s Doug Kinlyside and Adrian White at the Sydney Satellites Locata network