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LPI Online Shop

We are redesigning the LPI Online Shop and making it easier to use and more convenient for our customers to order, receive and manage their documents online.

The redesigned website will launch in August 2010.

New Online Shop features include

User friendly design, layout and navigation

The redesigned site will make it easier for our customers to identify, navigate to, and purchase LPI products and services.

We have added new menu tabs, search tips to help you enter information, and listed related products that you might find useful.

Simplified product names and new descriptions

We have simplified product names to make them easier to understand and have included useful descriptions to clearly explain what you are ordering.

My Cart facility

We have added a shopping cart facility to enable customers to order multiple products in a single transaction.

You will be able to add items as you browse and review and update the items in your cart.

You can checkout at any time during your transaction.

Our customers will receive immediate confirmation of successful payment.

Enhanced options to receive and manage your documents

You can receive your documents:

  • through your email address or
  • by using a secure document folder service (required for transactions $50 or more). Registration to use this service is quick and simple and is available to all our customers.

More information

If you have any questions about the redesign of the Online Shop please E:

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