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Review of vendor disclosure for residential property sales in NSW by Matt Brown MP

From time to time, it has been suggested that pre purchase reports such as a building inspection report or a pest inspection report be added to the list of prescribed documents to be attached to a contract of sale by the vendor. Arguments supportive of this change in the law often draw comparisons to the vendor disclosure requirements currently operating in the Australian Capital Territory. In this singular jurisdiction, a high standard of vendor disclosure is required from vendors when a property is placed on the market for sale.

With the support of the Government, Matt Brown MP has recently conducted a review that considers, amongst other things, whether pre purchase inspection reports should be made prescribed documents to a contract for the sale of land. Mr Brown’s review has now been finalised and he has submitted his Report to Cabinet. Mr Brown’s principal recommendation is that a pest and building report be a mandated inclusion in auction sale contracts for residential property.

Disclaimer as to Opinion

Responsibility for the views expressed in this Report is taken by Mr Matt Brown M.P.

Any person who wishes to express an opinion concerning this Report should deal directly with Mr Brown.

Access the Report (PDF 330KB)

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