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Macquarie’s Towns available online

LPMA, in collaboration with NSW Heritage Office, has published an illustrated book showcasing the significant contribution Governor Macquarie made to NSW through careful and detailed town planning.

The book explores Governor Macquarie’s distinctive approach to town planning through chapters that detail the history and development of each of the towns he influenced or created:

Liverpool Wilberforce Bathurst
Hawkesbury-Nepean Pitt Town Newcastle
Windsor Castlereagh Parramatta
Richmond Campbelltown Sydney


By creating regional centres that could support early settlers, Governor Macquarie fundamentally influenced the social, economic and political fabric of the NSW colony. His town planning legacy is still visible across modern NSW today.

This piece of commemorative history is available through the News section of the Online Shop for only $30 (plus postage and handling).

Macquaries Towns book cover

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