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Regulatory Impact Statement - Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012

Comment or submission period: All comments or submissions must be received no later than Wednesday, 1 August 2012.

The Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2006 will be automatically repealed on 1 September 2012 under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 as part of the Government’s commitment to review Regulations every 5 years to ensure they remain relevant. It is proposed to make a new Regulation, the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012, to operate from that date.

The Regulation sets the standards for surveying of property cadastral boundaries. The standards relate to the accuracy of measurements, the calibration of equipment and the marking of surveys.

The proposed Regulation follows the format and style of the current Regulation with some minor amendments, made as a result of on-going consultation with the surveying industry. Amendments include a requirement for the survey plan to show street addresses, where available. The forms and styles to be used for bench marks have been prescribed to facilitate electronic lodgment. Standards of accuracy required where Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) are used have been tightened and the Surveyors Certificate has been updated to enable it to be included on a survey plan and on a plan based on compiled or partially compiled information.

The Regulatory Impact Statement includes a summary of all the proposed changes.


Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012 (PDF 1.5MB)

Regulatory Impact Statement -Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012 (PDF 300.4KB)

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