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How can I get the price I paid for my property suppressed?

Land and Property Information does not under any circumstances suppress or withhold the purchase price of any property. LPI is required by legislation, including the Real Property Act 1900 and the Valuation of Land Act 1916 to collect property sales information and make it available for public inspection.

Under the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, property sales prices do not fall within the definition of personal information. Therefore, websites that display property sales prices but not the names of property owners are not in breach of any privacy legislation. You may contact these websites directly if you want to request that they do not show the sale price of your property but this is their prerogative. LPI does not have any involvement in the decision making of external websites as they are independent of LPI.

Property sales information is collected by LPI at the time of registration of a property transfer from information on transfer documents and accompanying Notice of Sale. These forms contain privacy notes indicating that the information supplied will be made publicly available.

As well as maintaining various public registers for this purpose, LPI also collects property information data on behalf of Valuation Services. A list of companies that are licensed to on-sell our property sales data is available on the Valuation Services website.

Valuation Services supplies their property sales information licensees with regular electronic updates of newly registered sales. Property sales information resellers maintain their own databases and websites comprising data sourced not only from Valuation Services but from elsewhere to develop new property related information products for which there is a market not met by the public registers maintained by LPI.

As announced in a media release by the Minister for Finance, Services and Property, property sales information for individual properties from 2001 is available free of charge on NSW Globe.

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