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Historical records online

Land and Property Information (LPI) is undertaking a major digitisation and conversion program to deliver more land records online, enhancing access to many historical documents.

The program is converting titles into an electronically delivered Torrens Title system and digitising one of the largest government holdings of archival records.

By imaging records and transferring the originals to State archives LPI is also ensuring the long-term preservation of valuable historical documents, some of the oldest of the State of NSW.

What is being converted?

LPI is digitising and conserving many different types of land records.  More than 32.5 million records have been digitised including plans dated from 1792 and aerial photos going back to 1947.

We are also converting a large number of titles into our computerised Torrens Title system including Old System land which was granted from 1792 to 1862.

The following records are part of the digitisation and conversion program.


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Online now?


Progress to date

Document images

Old form Torrens Register Yes Complete 100%
Torrens Purchasers Index Yes 2015 100%
Dealings since 1863 Yes 2015 100%
Crown plans Yes 2015 99%
Historical parish maps Yes Complete 100%
Surveyors field book index No 2016 90%
Plan lodgment books Yes Complete 100%
Miscellaneous historical plans No 2016 90%
Old System records digitisation Yes 2019 85%

Aerial photos

Aerial photos from 1947 to 2007 No Ongoing 34%

Torrens Title conversion

Old System land Partial Ongoing 86%
Manual Torrens titles Partial Ongoing 98%
Lease complexes Partial Ongoing 94%
Crown land Partial Ongoing 90%
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