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NSW land values

Land and Property Information (LPI) provides new land values to councils on behalf of the Valuer General every three to four years for rating. When councils receive new land values for rating, LPI issues landholders with a Notice of Valuation. The Notice of Valuation records the:

  • property description details recorded on the Register of Land Values
  • current land value as at 1 July in the year of valuation
  • date of the valuation and
  • last date for lodging an objection.

If landholders or lessees are not satisfied with the land value recorded on the Notice of Valuation, they can have their land value reviewed by lodging an objection.

Visit the Online objection lodgment facility to lodge an objection.

For information on how to lodge an objection visit the Request a review page on the Valuer General of New South Wales (NSW) website.

Certificates of Land Value

The public can obtain Certificates of Land Value over the counter from LPI valuation services offices for a fee.

The certificate corresponds to the current entry on the Register of Land Values and features the:

  • valuation district
  • property identification number
  • owner's name
  • property description
  • date the valuation is made
  • land values
  • date the certificate is prepared.

There is no provision to lodge an objection to a land value obtained through a Certificate of Land Value.

Land Value Search

A land value search facility is available to give landholders better access to land values via the Online Shop or over the counter at LPI valuation services offices.

Landholders can access their 1 July 2011, 2012 and 2013 land values free of charge, following an online registration process. All other land value searches will be available online for $12.70 per property. Land value searches obtained through LPI valuation services offices will incur a fee of $14.00 per property.

There is no provision to lodge an objection to a land value obtained through a Land Value Search.

Information on land tax provisions and access to the Office of State Revenue (OSR) land tax calculator is available on the OSR website.

Historical Land Values

Landholders can visit the Historical land values on the Valuer General of NSW website to help them to understand typical land values and market trends over time in local government areas.

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