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Property sales information

Property sales information is derived from Notices of Sale lodged with Land and Property Information (LPI).

Property sales on NSW Globe

Property sales information for individual properties from 2001, and at a street and suburb level going back five years, is available free of charge on NSW Globe.

Property sales information is received by LPI approximately eight weeks following settlement of a property. This information is then updated on NSW Globe weekly.

See the Valuer General's website for more property sales information. 

Authorised property sales resellers

For a list of LPI's authorsed resellers go to our Property sales resellers page.

Valuation sales report

This free report will assist you in understanding your land value. The report lists the property sales for your locality that were considered when determining land values for rating and taxing purposes.

The free valuation sales report is available online and includes the land size, contract date, purchase price and adjusted land value for the properties analysed by the valuer in undertaking the valuation process. The report is not a complete list of sales for a locality. For further assistance please call T:1800 110 038 for callers within Australia or T: +61 2 6332 8188 for international callers.

The valuation sales report is not available for individual strata units. The Valuer General provides the land values for the site of a strata scheme and the report can be accessed using the property number for the site.

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