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The legal process through which property is bought and sold or otherwise dealt with is known as conveyancing. This involves the preparation of hard copy documents as evidence of a land transaction between parties. LPI is notified of changes in the legal ownership and transactions affecting parcels of land in NSW by these documents, which are known as dealings. These are lodged and registered with LPI, under the Real Property Act 1900.

Land title and other property related information held by LPI is integral to the conveyancing process. Conveyancers generally need to search LPI records and obtain copies of these records for inclusion in documentation to enable land transactions to proceed.

For Torrens Title land transactions, you need to complete the appropriate Real Property Act (RP) dealing forms and lodge them for registration with LPI. It is usually necessary to lodge the current Certificate of Title along with the dealings, as proof of your 'right to deal' in the property.

More information

The Registrar General's Directions website has land dealing information to assist clients with preparation, lodgment, examination and registration of dealings affecting the Torrens Title Register.

Also see our land title questions.

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