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Current and historical publications and LPI Circulars related to ePlan's development and current requirements.


2002-04 (PDF 214.7 KB)


2007-03 (PDF 117.8 KB)


2007-06 (PDF 419.8 KB)


2007-09 (PDF 89.5 KB)


2007-14 (PDF 107.1 KB)


2008-06 (PDF 43.2 KB)


Business Case (PDF 95.7 KB)


ePlan - A model for remote electronic plan lodgment - 2002 (PDF 37.0 KB)


ePlan image standards for electronic plan lodgment (PDF 5.3 KB)


ePlan Production of CT (PDF 84.3 KB)


ePlan Protocol LandXML Mapping (PDF 1.1 MB)


ePlan User Guide for LandXML Users (PDF 856.8 KB)


ICSM manifest (PDF 273.7 KB)


Instructions and application form (PDF 179.0 KB)


Jurisdictional Schema (PDF 256.0 KB)


NSW LandXML Recipe (PDF 2.2 MB)


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