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Consultation paper series

NECS in NSW consult paper - client auth 12 Aug (PDF 1.8 MB)
Published: 25 August 2009

The first of these consultation papers addresses the Client Authorisation agreement required for electronic conveyancing, including the agreement’s content, fit within the legal framework, and associated business practices for NECS. To assist industry with interpreting this paper and to provide a forum for industry to express their views, the LPM Authority is holding an industry consultation forum.

Instrument Certification consult paper (PDF 957.8 KB)
Published: 6 November 2009

The second of these industry consultation papers addresses:

  • the nature and extent of certifications required of Certifiers signing instruments prepared using the NECS and intended for lodgment with a Land Registry
  • the content, fit within the legal framework, and associated business practices for NECS

Digital signing of electronic instruments (PDF 1.9 MB)
Published: 30 November 2009

The third consultation paper in the series of 8 planned papers. Digital Signing arrangements: being the signing and authentication of electronic registry instruments for NECS by Certifiers using Digital Signatures, and publication of registered instruments by the Land Registry.

Land Registry Transaction Services for Conveyancing (PDF 2.6 MB)
Published: 9 March 2010

The paper addresses land title information and other services for preparation, due diligence and compliance assurance of a real property transaction for lodgment and registration by the NSW Land Registry.

CT Solution Consultation Paper (PDF 967.0 KB)
Published: 7 November 2012

LPI has published a consultation paper on the Certificate of Title Solution for Concurrent Electronic and Paper Conveyancing. The consultation paper sets out a solution that both facilitates the completion of transactions electronically without additional risk for any parties and enables continued use of paper conveyancing, with or without a CT, in as convenient and reliable a manner as today.

Conveyancing Reform - Concurrent Electronic and Paper Conveyancing May 2014 (PDF 1.0 MB)
Published: May 2014

The proposed alignment of paper conveyancing processes with the comparable electronic process wherever possible to facilitate and encourage the uptake of electronic conveyancing and to deliver efficiency savings in the conveyancing industry.

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