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All fact sheets list

All fact sheets are provided as PDF format and will open in a new window. Should the PDF prove inaccessible please contact us to obtain a copy.

Access to neighbouring land (PDF 111.0 KB)
Published 12 Nov 2015

If you own a house that is built right up against, or very close to, the boundary between your property and your neighbour’s property, then in order to properly repair or maintain your house you may need to enter your neighbours land.

Application for a boundary determination - How to lodge (PDF 35.7 KB)
Published 14 Nov 2012

Under Part 14A of the Real Property Act, an application may be made to the Registrar General for the determination of the position of the common boundary of adjoining lands.

Application for a replacement Certificate of Title (PDF 135.1 KB)
Published 24 Feb 2017

Advice on preparing and lodging an Application for replacement Certificate of Title (form 12PV) for registration by LPI, under section 111 of the Real Property Act 1900.

Application for preparation of a lapsing notice (PDF 151.3 KB)
Published 14 Mar 2014

Advice on preparing and lodging an Application for preparation of lapsing notice (form 08LX) for registration by LPI.

Attending a paper settlement when the Certificate of Title (CT) is in electronic format (PDF 160.6 KB)
Published 16 Feb 2015

What parties to a conveyancing transaction should do to prepare for a paper settlement when there is an eCT instead of a paper CT.

Brief history of Land and Property Information (PDF 160.1 KB)
Published 24 Jan 2013

A brief overview of the more interesting milestones in LPI history

Building Management Statements Conveyancing Act 1919 (PDF 237.9 KB)
Published 18 Feb 2013

Division 3B of Part 23 of the Conveyancing Act allows a document known as a Building Management Statement to be registered on the titles for the different parts of the building.

Changing your name on your title (PDF 111.0 KB)
Published 31 Oct 2016

Requirements to change your name on your land title if you have changed your name since you were recorded as an owner on a land title.

Claiming ownership of private laneways and passageways (PDF 111.2 KB)
Published 13 Aug 2014

In certain circumstances, the law lets a person who has occupied someone else’s land for 12 years claim the ownership of that land.

Conditions of purchase (PDF 108.2 KB)
Published 11 Dec 2012

These conditions apply unilaterally to all Suppliers seeking to provide Goods and/or Services.

Conveyancing Amendment (Law of Support) Act 2000 (PDF 112.5 KB)
Published 12 Jun 2013

The legislation has its origin in Report No.84 of the New South Wales Law Reform Commission, entitled “The Right to Support from Adjoining Land”.

Customer account application (PDF 200.9 KB)
Published 02 Jul 2015

Instructions and forms needed to become a LPI financial account customer. Includes an application for LPI products and services.

Dealing lodgment checklist (PDF 106.8 KB)
Published 15 Apr 2013

Dealings should be checked for completeness and correctness before being presented for lodgment.

eNos (PDF 2.1 MB)
Published 04 Aug 2014

Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS)

Evolution of survey field books (PDF 119.5 KB)
Published 24 Apr 2013

The Surveyor General Field Book is a valuable record as it is the primary evidence of the survey work undertaken.

Financial correspondence for lodgment customers (PDF 93.5 KB)
Published 26 May 2006

Customer account based invoicing and payment arrangements for plan, deed and dealing lodgments.

Historical parish maps (PDF 1.9 MB)
Published 08 Apr 2013

Parish maps are an index to identifying historical land records such as titles, survey plans, tenures and gazettes. There are more than 35,000 maps available through the HLRV.

How to lodge a Notice of Death (PDF 113.5 KB)
Published 02 Apr 2013

A Notice of Death form may only be used where the land is held as joint tenancy. This applies regardless of two or more joint tenants.

How to prepare Dealings and Old System instruments for registration (PDF 182.8 KB)
Published 16 Oct 2013

Documents registered with LPI are preserved as scanned images. To produce a readable copy, the quality of the original document is critical and standards must be adhered to when producing or completing documents.

Keeping your Certificate of Title secure (PDF 744.0 KB)
Published 20 Nov 2012

General advice on safe keeping practice for NSW Certificates of Title.

Lodging a plan for registration (PDF 89.5 KB)
Published 17 Feb 2017

There are two ways to lodge a plan at LPI - in person or electronically via ePlan.

LPI Lodgment terms and conditions 31 March 2017 (PDF 158.1 KB)
Published 11 Apr 2017

LPI provides lodgment and registration services for Real Property Act (or Torrens title) land and common law (or old system) title land as well as for the registration of deeds and a variety of other instruments.

LPI privacy statement (PDF 85.2 KB)
Published 29 Jun 2016

This privacy statement sets out LPI's policy in relation to our privacy obligations to you.

Mortagee sale of land affected by presence of a caveat on title (PDF 73.1 KB)
Published 22 Jan 2016

Practices in relation to registration of a transfer by a mortgagee exercising power of sale in presence of a caveat on title

Mortgagee sale of land affected by caveat (PDF 105.8 KB)
Published 06 Jan 2014

Land and Property Information’s practice in relation to transfers under power of sale of land affected by a caveat.

NSW Certificates of Title security features (PDF 307.0 KB)
Published 02 Apr 2013

NSW Certificates of Title security features Effective 1 February 2011

Old System conversion or removal of a caution by an official search (PDF 174.0 KB)
Published 12 Dec 2012

This method of title conversion provides an alternative to conversion by primary application and may also be used to remove a caution from an existing Torrens title.

Plan lodgment books (PDF 508.5 KB)
Published 16 Apr 2013

Plan lodgment books, also known as the Register of Deposited and Strata Plans, were used between 1863 to 1995.

Powers of Attorney in NSW (PDF 288.9 KB)
Published 07 Sep 2016

The Powers of Attorney Act 2003, which commenced on 16 February 2004, makes changes to the law governing powers of attorney in New South Wales, especially enduring powers of attorney.

Preparing and lodging a primary application (PA) or a caveat against a PA (PDF 99.2 KB)
Published 18 Dec 2012

Guidelines for preparing and lodging a primary application or a caveat against a primary application at LPI

Preparing instruments for registration in the General Register of Deeds (PDF 190.8 KB)
Published 16 Oct 2013

The lodging party is required to present the Deeds Index Particulars Form at the time of registration/lodgment. The particulars should comply with the current guidelines for indexing Old System registrations.

Production of documents for ePlan lodgments (PDF 108.2 KB)
Published 01 Nov 2012

Requirements for production of a Certificate of Title and other specified documents for an ePlan lodgment.

Property information counter services terms and conditions (PDF 108.3 KB)
Published 04 Apr 2013

Property information counter services are provided and administered by LPI and enable access to LPI property information.

Strata plan fast facts (PDF 2.6 MB)
Published 09 Dec 2015

This publication provides a general overview to assist surveyors in the preparation of strata plans.

Subdivision Certificates for Deposited Plans (PDF 135.0 KB)
Published 26 May 2006

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Act 1997, which commenced on 1 July 1998, made important changes in relation to the approval and registration of deposited plans of subdivision.

Termination of a Strata Scheme by the Registrar General (PDF 87.5 KB)
Published 09 Aug 2016

The Registrar General has the power, set out in s 142 of the Strata Schemes Development Act, to make an order terminating a strata scheme.

Torrens assurance levy (PDF 118.6 KB)
Published 18 Dec 2012

Provisions for ad valorem component of the Torrens assurance levy

Verifying the identity of Mortgagors: Mortgagee Obligations (PDF 123.0 KB)
Published 10 Dec 2012

Obligations required by a mortgagee to verify the identity of a mortgagor or guarantor.

What is a statutory declaration? (PDF 186.6 KB)
Published 20 Nov 2012

A statutory declaration is a written document setting out certain facts to the best of the knowledge or belief of the person making it and is made subject to the provisions of certain legislation.

Witnessing Real Property Act dealings: Witness obligations (PDF 83.1 KB)
Published 26 Aug 2015

Steps you must take to confirm the identity of a person asking you to witness their signature on a dealing, application or caveat.

Women and land ownership (PDF 120.3 KB)
Published 17 Dec 2012

When people buy a property together, they need to consider whether to buy as joint tenants or tenants in common. That is how two or more people can own property in New South Wales.

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